Active Headband

Model #47002-001: NRR 24 dB CSA “A”

-Active listening enables you to communicate with others, hear warning signals and plug in to electronic devices such as two-way radios, mp3 players etc…

-Designed for use in constant high noise or intermittent impact noise environments.

-Reliable, lightweight and comfortable for extended use.


  • Protection from damaging noise without isolation from your environment or limitation on communication requirements.
  • Hear fellow workers, warning signals and connect to many electronic devices.
  • Robust and high quality for dependable performance even in harsh industrial environments.
  • New advancements in electronic technology as well as ergonomic design deliver many extra features and benefits to the user.


  • Level Dependant microphones in each cup amplify preferential frequencies while providing directional hearing and environmental awareness.
  • Two replaceable AA batteries provide a minimum of 800 hours of “on-time”.
  • Advanced “Electronic Protection System” (EPS) limits all sounds over the speakers to a safe level (maximum of 82 dB).
  • Ergonomically designed and situated rubber-coated controls for easy manipulation, even while wearing gloves.
  • External 3.5mm input can connect to a variety of electronic audio devices.
  • Superior speaker design with bass chamber for a superb high fidelity stereo listening experience.
  • Soft and comfortable replaceable head cushion.
  • Compatible with Hellberg Safe-1 and Safe-3 Visor Systems.
  • Smooth telescopic adjustment optimizes seal and comfort.
  • Slim low profile design lowers the risk of snagging in confined spaces.
  • Light-weight and durable di-electric components.
  • Soft and wide ear cushions are easily replaced with smart “Snap-In” system.

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