H12K Cap mount

Model #21012-110: NRR 28 dB CSA “AL”

  • Made to tackle the ultimate noise scenarios.
  • Supreme performance and protection without the sacrifice of comfort or practicality.
  • The best choice for some of the highest noise levels workers are exposed to and especially effective against low frequencies.



  • Ideal for long-term use in high to extreme noise levels.
  • Fits most North American Helmets.
  • Ball joint pressure system ensures constant force and is tested for up to 10,000 “in-out” oscillations (good for more than five years).
  • Compatible with Hellberg Safe-2 Visor Systems.
  • Single-point attachment distributes pressure evenly ensuring maximum performance.
  • Smooth sliders allow for easy cup adjustment and fit.
  • Soft wide replaceable cushions provide comfortable seal around the ear.
  • Bevelled top portion of cups enable the muffs to fit beneath the edge of your hardhat.
  • Made with lightweight, high quality components for easy maintenance and long life.
  • 100% di-electric parts.

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