Safe-1 Classic

  • Attachment arm sits firmly on headband and holds visor in place
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Allows maximum airflow for comfort



The classic Safe-1 mounts quick and easy to any Hellberg Classic passive or electronic headband style hearing protection. It is easily removed, perfect when you are switching between different work scenarios in noisy environments.

The attachment arm is developed in conjunction with the hearing protector, fits perfectly and holds the visor firmly in place, exactly in the position you want it!

Hellbergs’ smart uniform design gives you multiple choice of different visors

  • Easy to fit to any Classic passive or electronic headband style hearing protec­tor
  • Compatible with most Hellberg visors
  • Smooth movement of the visor and a firm stand-by position
  • Very open design for maximum airflow
  • Slim profile ensures good stability and balance

Part# 37151-001

Weight:        11g/0.40oz

Material:     POM