Safe-3 Browguard

  • The SAFE3 carrier can be used as a “stand-alone” visor carrier or together with Hellbergs neckband-style hearing protection.
  • The robust browguard protects from flying particles, is light weight, comfortable and fully adjustable to various head sizes.
  • The browguard is designed to offer the wearer high protection and comfort.
  • Compatible with all Hellberg visors Comfortable adjustable strap
  • Secure movement of the visor and a firm stand-by position
  • Suitable for applications such as; joineries, grinding etc


The Hellberg Safe-3 Browguard can be used as a stand-alone visor system when hardhats are not required but face protection is.

If hearing protection is needed, you can also use a Hellberg Headband or Neckband earmuff or any ear plugs.

The Hellberg Browguard accepts any Hellberg visor, has a slim profile and is very lightweight and comfortable.

An adjustable headstrap keeps it securely on your head and a firm positioning hinge enables you to wear the visor down for full face protection or up when in standby.

PART# 61100-001

WEIGHT:           112g (40oz)

MATERIAL:       ABS Plastic